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The comedy classic Airplane. Father of all spoofs
The comedy classic Airplane. Father of all spoofs

We all love the 1980 comedy Airplane! The disaster movie spoof starring Leslie Nielsen, Peter Graves, Lloyd ‘Father of The Dude’ Bridges and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became an instant classic. The film launched the career of Jim Abrahams who went to direct the Hot Shots and The Naked Gun franchises. Airplane! also meant a course correction for Leslie Nielsen who was known for more serious roles in Forbidden Planet before he became famous as the goofball cop from Police Squad.

What’s so special about Airplane!?

Airplane! is brimful of word jokes and visual humor. Who doesn’t know one liners like ‘Don’t call me Shirley’ and ‘You can tell me, I’m a doctor’. Or the classic scene in the cockpit where the pilot asks a little boy several questions from ‘Have you ever been in a cockpit before? to ‘Ever been in a Turkish prison?’ and finally ‘Ever seen a grown man naked?’

Our friends at Bullshitist love Airplane! so much they gathered a jury of seven guys and gals and ranked all jokes from the movie based on their funniness!

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Satirical trailer for Airplane!